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The EarLens Contact Hearing Device™ is the world’s first hearing device to use light to transmit sound. Unlike hearing aids, which are in effect tiny speakers that simply turn up the volume on air conducted sound, the EarLens Contact Hearing Device™ comprises two components: a light-based Behind The Ear (BTE) sound processor, and a removable, custom-made Tympanic Contact Actuator (TCA) placed by an ENT at the base of the ear canal. The BTE uses a microphone and a digital signal processor to pick up sound and convert it to infrared light. This non-visible light carries both the power and the sound signal to the TCA, which then converts it into imperceptible vibrations that are directly applied to the eardrum through a tiny custom contact pad and perceived as sound.


The EarLens System's unique mechanism of direct sound delivery potentially opens the door to a breakthrough level of high definition sound performance achieved by no hearing aid on the market today. Unlike air conduction hearing aids, the EarLens Contact Hearing Device effectively transforms the user’s own eardrum into a speaker, which enables delivery of an ultra-wide frequency range (from 125 to 10,000 Hz) and a higher maximum gain margin. The intended result is a next generation level of sound performance that yields significant improvements in the ability to understand speech in noise and an overall sound quality that is clearer, richer, and more natural. All while fitting well into the ENT practice model with a simple, in-office, out-of-pocket procedure performed the ENT physician in an established cash pay market.

Patents issued and Pending.

headerImage_device.jpgThe EarLens Tympanic Contact Actuator (TCA).